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On 6 of November of 2008 Maryanne Large visited our Laboratory at the University of Cantabria and teached for the Photonic Enginnering Group a top quality tutorial entitled:

“Microstructured Polymer optical fibres”

Dra. Maryanne Large is a a well known Prof. at Optical Fibre Technology Centre (OFTC,) University of Sydney, Australia.


Like silica photonic crystal fibres, microstructured Polymer Optical Fibres (mPOF) achieve their optical properties athough a pattern of tiny holes that run the full length of the fibre. However, the range of fabrication techiques available, and the very different material properties of polymer mean that a rather different range of applications can be explored.These include short-haul communication, and strain and bio-sensor applications, and the inclusion of materials including dyes, quantum dots, and silver nano-particles.

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En el acto de presentación intervendrán:
D. Federico Gutierrez Solana, Rector de la Universidad de Cantabria
D. Guillermo de la Dehesa, co-autor y Presidente del Centro para la Investigación de Politica Económica de Londres
D. Salvador Blanco, Consejero Delegado de SODERCAN y,
D. José Miguel López-Higuera, co-editor y Catedrático de la UC.

La Universidad de Cantabria acoge su presentación para España en un acto que se celebrará el dia 19 de junio de 2008, a las 20:00 horas, en la Sala Gómez Laa de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de Nuestra Universidad.

Más Información:

Book: Engineering a High-Tech Business: Entrepreneurial Experiences and Insights (SPIE Press Book)
Editors: José Miguel López-Higuera and Brian Culshaw
ISBN: 9780819471802
Vol: PM182
288 pages

This book provides actual entrepreneurial stories giving insight into the pitfalls and successes one might find in starting or even continuing with a small high-tech business. Insights into innovative, speculative, and (largely) successful new ventures, as experienced by those who went through the process, are complemented by comments and observations from others in the field including researchers, economists, investors, regional development agencies, technology transfer organizations, and universities.

The book is recommended to entrepreneurs in all high technology disciplines and in particular for students and early career professionals. It can be also useful for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in entrepreneurship, which many institutions are currently introducing, and to those who are interested in how a high-tech business might develop.


Journal: Optics Express
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Ammonia in a Hollow-Core Fiber

AUTHORS: A.M. Cubillas, Jan Hald, Jan C. Petersen
We have demonstrated frequency modulation saturation spectroscopy of the ν1 +ν3 band of ammonia in hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers (HC–PBFs). Previously blended lines have been resolved and the
corresponding molecular transitions assigned. Cross–over resonances are observed between transitions that do not share a common level. We have measured the pressure dependence of the line shape and determined the collisional self–broadening coefficients for ammonia. The many absorption
lines of ammonia in the 1.5 μm wavelength region are potential frequency references lines for optical communication as well as candidates for spectroscopic trace gas monitoring.

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