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Arbitrary Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating Fabrication Technique
Analysis of Pulsed Thermographic Sequences based on Radon Transform
Optoelectronic Unit for a Laser Welding Monitoring System
Devices, components and applications of low cost using polymer optical fibers
Surface Analysis Based on Optical Moire Technique and POF Technology
Characterization of Pattern Moire Fringes using Plastic Optical Fibers
Automatic Algorithm for Quantitative Pulsed Phase Thermography Calculations
Automatic Interpolated Differentiated Absolute Contrast Algorithm for the Analysis of Pulsed Thermog
Displacement of Measure Based in Plastic Optical Fibers, Reflected Surface and Pattern of Fringes
Quantitative Characteristics of Subsurface defects using an Automated Absolute Contrast Method
Plastic optical fiber sensor to determine discret levels of depth in the liquids
Optoelectronic Device for Laser Welding Monitoring and Control
Techniques for real-time penetration monitoring for laser welding in aeronautic applications
Development of a POF seismograph
Development of a POF-based flow sensor
Laser welding applied to aerospace manufacture - sensors for process monitoring
Evaluation of Coaxial Process Control Systems for Nd:YAG Laser Welding in Aeronautics Application
Wavelength demutilplexing using an optical diffraction gratings on POF end fiber
POF-Based weight sensor
New method to calculate mode conversion coefficients in multimode optical fibers
Non contact measurement of High temperature on steel bar production industry using fiber optic sensi
New optical gas cell for carbon dioxide detection in the steel industry
Steel Structures Strain and Temperature Quasi-Distributed Monitoring Using Photonic Technology
Multi-parameter fiber optic sensor for low invasive structural monitoring
Civil engineering concrete structures telemonitorization using fiber optic technology
Experimental Feasibility Demonstration of Steel Structures Monitoring using Fiber Bragg Grating Tech
Experimental Characterization of Tilted Fiber Bragg Gratings
Field test of non contact high temperature fiber optic transducer in a steel production plant
Phase Resolution in Interferometers
Quasi-distributed Photonic Sensor System for Strain and Temperature Telemonitoring of Steel and Conc
No contact high temperature fiber optic sensor system on steel bar production industry
Design, Simulation and Construction of Plastic Optical Fiber Sensors for the Measurement of Displace
Cladding thickness dependence of bending losses
Very Flexible Optoelectronic Unit for Fiber Bragg Grating Transducers Interrogation
Deformation Measurement of a Steel Girder for Civil Engineering Applications Using Quasidistributed
Longitudinal "Scale" Defects Detection on Steel Bar Production Industry
Strain and Temperature Transducer on one Fiber Bragg Grating
Temperature, Displacement and Acceleration Fiber Optic Sensor for Large Machinery Monitoring
High temperature optical fiber transducer for a smart structure on iron-steel production industry
Wavelength Dependence of Bending Losses in Step Index POFs
Spectral Characteristics of Curved Short Period Fiber Bragg Gratings
Optimum Light Source for Reflectometric Characterization of Fiber Optic Bragg Gratings
Optical Transducers and Sensors Systems for Non-Destructive Testing Applications
A cost effective real-time bragg grating interrogation technique able to be used in non-destructive
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