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Journal: IEEE Journal of Select Topics in Quantum Electronics

Paper: Dual-Wavelength Single-Longitudinal Mode Fiber Laser Using Phase-Shift Bragg Gratings

AUTHORS: Sergio Rota-Rodrigo, Luis Rodríguez-Cobo, Maria Ángeles Quintela, José Miguel López-Higuera, Manuel López-Amo

Abstracts: This paper presents a new stable dual-wavelength fiber-ring laser based on erbium-doped fiber amplification. The wavelength selection is made by a combination of fiber Bragg grat ings and phase shift fiber Bragg gratings. Two laser emission lines were obtained simultaneously in single-longitudinal-mode opera tion showing a power-instability lower than 0.35 dB, an OSNR higher than 55 dB, a narrow-linewidth of 13 KHz and an optical output power around dBm for both wavelengths. This pro posed configuration allows the individual control of the loss of each channel.  
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