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UIMP Advanced Course - Light Sciences and Technologies for a New World

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This Advanced Course has been conceived as a great opportunity to contribute to the education of citizens, to review and actualize knowledge in this Key or Essential science and technology for the development of the nations and, at the end of the day, of a new world.
It is also a great opportunity to ensure that policymakers are made aware of the problem-solving potential of Photonics.
Highly renowned professors and researchers from the most prestigious institutions and, as well, several Presidents of the most reputed international Photonic Scientific Unions will participate in the meeting.
This advanced course has been programed into the frame of the IYL2015. Sponsored by SPIE, the attendees will enjoy an exhibition of panels and will also receive several commemorative gifts within their registration documents.
As co-sponsor of the LiST course, the Hotel Santemar will offer to all attendees very special accommodation fares: 65 Euros/night and 80 Euros/night per single and double rooms respectively (breakfast included).

DIRECTOR: José Miguel López Higuera
Head of the Photonic Engineering Group
University of Cantabria

SECRETARIAT: Jesús Mirapeix
Photonic Engineering Group
University of Cantabria
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