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UIMP Advanced Course - Light Sciences and Technologies for a New World

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Monday, 15

Why light matters for a new world?

10:00 H
Opening Ceremony: TBC
11:00 H
Light’s Twist: an optical technology that matters
Prof. Miles Padgett, Lead the Quantum Imaging Hub, Vice-Principal for Research,University of Glasgow, UK
12:00 H
Why photonics is essential for the sustainable development of the societies

Evening /16:00 H
Round table I: Light sciences and technologies Impacts
  • Prof. Philip Russell, OSA 2015 President.
  • Dr. R. Lieberman, SPIE 2015 Elect President
  • Prof. X. –C. Zhang, Director Rochester's Institute of Optics. University of Rochester (TBC)
  • Prof. John David Richardson, Deputy Director of Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
  • Prof. Jose Antonio Martín Pereda, Real Academia de Ingeniería de España, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (coordinador)
  • TBC

Tuesday, 16

Light in health care, medicine and the environment

Morning: Light in health care and medicine
9:00 H
Optomechanical effects in microstructured fibres
Prof. Philip Russell, OSA President, Director of Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
10:30 H
Cancer Imaging with Light
Prof. Bruce J. Tromberg, Director of Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic, University of California, Irvine
11:30 H
Non-invasive Photonic micro-spectroscopic technologies for health care and medicine
Prof. Jüergen Popp, Director Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena, Germany

Evening: Light sciences and technologies in the environment
16:00 H
Terahertz technologies for a more safe and healthy environment
Prof. X.-C. Zhang, Director Rochester's Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, USA
17:00 H
Light based technologies for a more healthy enviromment
Dr. R. Lieberman, President of Lumoptics LLC, California, United States

Wednesday, 17

Light in communications and sensing

Morning: Communication using light
9:00 H
Title: TBC
10:30 H
Advanced Fiber Technologies for the next generation of Optical Communications systems
Prof. David Richardson, Deputy Director of Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK.
11:30 H
Microwave Photonics: marrying the worlds of radiofrecuency and optics for future 5G communications and beyond
Prof. José Capmany Francoy, Director iTEAM Instute, Technical University of Valencia, Spain

Evening: Sensing using light based approaches
16:00 H
Sensing Using Light
Prof. José Miguel López-Higuera, Head of Photonic Engineering Group, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
17:00 H
Towards novel biomedical sensing tools based on the combination of light and nanotechnology
Prof. Romain Quindant, Head of Plasmon nano-optics group, ICFO- The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain

Thursday, 18

Light in energy and manufacturing

Morning: Clean energy and lightning using photonic knowledge and technics
9:00 H
Título: TBC
10:30 H
Non-imaging optics for renewable energy and lighting
Prof. Juan Carlos Miñano, Head of Optics Group , CeDInt, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
11:30 H
Solar cells for efficiencies of 50% and beyond
Prof. Carlos Algora, Head of the III-V Semiconductors Group, Instituto de Energía Solar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

Evening: Advanced manufacturing using light based technologies
16:00 H
Advanced laser based manufacturing
Prof. Carlos Molpeceres Álvarez, Head of the Group of Advanced Laser-Based Manufacturing, Centro Laser, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
17:00 H
Ultrafast and ultraintense laser based disruptive applications
Prof. Luis Roso, Director of Centro de Láseres Pulsados, Salamanca, Spain.

Friday, 19

Education, training and research

9:30 H
Round table: The needs of education of citizens, professionals and researchers on Light based Sciences and Technologies
Prof. Maria J. Yzuel, Presidenta Comité español del Año Internacional de la luz 2015, Former Pass President of SPIE, Spain.
Prof. Manuel López-Amo, Head Optical-Communications Group Universidad Pública de Navarra Campus, Pamplona, Spain.
Prof. María Luisa Calvo, Vicepresidenta, Real Sociedad Española de Física (RSEF), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Prof. Luis Roso, Director, Centro de Láseres Pulsados, Salamanca, Spain.
Prof. José Capmany Francoy, Director iTEAM Instute, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Prof. Jose Carlos Gómez Sal, President of the R+D+I Executive Committee of CRUE, Rector Universidad de Cantabria.
High representative of Spanish Government on Science and Technology/TBC

12:00 H
Closing ceremony

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