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Departamento de Tecnología Electrónica, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática Universidad de Cantabria
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Título:Artemis SCALOPES
Financia:MICyT y la CE. Referencia ART-010000-2009-9. 
Socios:NXP NL, NXP BE, NXP-UK, ST IT, ST-Ericsson BE, ST-Ericsson UK, AITIA, Thales Communications, DPControl, Elvox, Philips, Universiteit Leiden, Recore Systems, IMEC NL, Università di Bologna, CEA, Universidad de Cantabria, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico  
Presupuesto:309375€ Año comienzo:2009  final:2011 
Director:Eugenio Villar 
Temas: Diseño y verificación de sistemas embebidos HW/SW
Personas: Eugenio Villar
Patricia Botella
Daniel Calvo
Luis Diaz
Raúl Diego
Pablo González
Sara Real
Álvaro Díaz
Pablo Pedro Sánchez
Descripción:The project focuses on cross-domain technology and tool developments for multi-core architectures. These developments are driven by and proven for 4 different application domains: communication infrastructure, surveillance systems, smart mobile terminals and stationary video & entertainment systems. Focus in the technology developments is on application & programming models, composability, dependability, reliability, predictable system design, resource management and tools supporting these new design technologies. As much as possible generic cross-domain tools and architectures will be worked upon, but also application-specific extensions will be covered. The project is focused on enhancing as much as possible the generic aspects by means of identifying how future cross-domain reference platforms will be made.

The project finished successfully in December 2011 Press note  

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