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Título:Implantable MEMS Pressure Sensors Modelling Tool
Tipo:Publicacion en Proceedings o Actas internacionales
Lugar:Proceedings of the Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD2015)
Autores: Jose Angel Miguel
David Rivas
Miguel Angel Allende
Yolanda Lechuga
Mar Martínez
Líneas: Métodos de test de circuitos integrados digitales y mixtos
Proyectos: Extensión de la actividad útil de los stent cardiovasculares inteligentes...
Resumen:Implantable biomedical devices generally comprise MEMS-type sensors used to acquire physiological signals, as well as CMOS electronics to perform powering, signal conditioning and data transmission. This work targets the modelling of capacitive MEMS pressure sensors, together with the development of a design tool, which provides an initial sensor approach based on a set of user-specified input constraints. This tool generates two output folders with all the files required to perform an electromechanical analysis of the sensor, as well as to create a layout cell ready to be included in a larger design. Several sensors, with and without injected defects, have been fabricated in PolyMUMPs technology, in order to compare their responses to the ones obtained from the sensor design program
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