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   Fernando Herrera Casanueva

  • PhD by the University of Cantabria (UC) (2009), with European Mention.
  • Telecommunication Engineer (Microelectronics) (Master Degree or 5 years degree) with Award to the Best Academic Expedient of the UC
  • Telecommunication Technical Engineer (Electronic Systems) (Bachellor Degree or 3 years degree)
  • Granted by the University of Cantabria. (2002-2006)
  • Currently contracted as part of the COMPLEX project.
  • Teacher in the UC Computation Master. Subjects:
    • "Lenguajes y Herramientas de Especificación y Verificación de Sistemas"
    • "Diseño Basado en Plataformas"
    • "Co-Diseño HW/SW
  • Teacher in the UC Informatics Bachelor Degree. Subject:
    • "Especificación y Codiseño de Sistemas Embebidos"

For more More Details, see my CV  : Personal Format: .pdf (2010, September),  Oficial Format: .pdf (spanish, 2008, October).

Thesis Documentation:

  • Thesis presentation here.
  • Thesis Extended Summary here (in english, 25 pages) (updated October 2th, 2008)
  • Thesis draft here (in spanish). In includes a summary (2-pages) and the conclusions (1-page) in english.
  • More documentation and bibliography in HetSC and SWGen websites.


   E-mail Address:

   Post Address:    Av. Castros sn, ETSIIT, TEISA Dpt. Santander (Spain) 39005

   Phone:                00 34 942 20 08 78

   Fax:                    00 34 942 20 18 73

Last Research Focus:

UML/MARTE modelling, Automatic Generation of High-level Specification Code from UML/MARTE (SystemC, IP-XACT), Electronic System-Level (ESL) Design,  Embedded Systems,  HW/SW Co-Desing,  Platform Based Design, Heterogeneous Specification,  Automatic Software Generation,  Performance Estimation, SystemC, Models of Computation

Following, a table of the projects where I have been (and I am) more  involved

complex logo
COdesign and power Management in PLatform-based design space EXploration
IST 033511 ANDRES Analysis and Design of run-time REconfigurable, heterogeneous Systems
MEDEA+ A511 ToolIP Tools and Methods for IP
FEDER 1FD97-0791 Desarrollo de metodologías industriales de diseño de sistemas embebidos   HW/SW

More information about these projects, clicking in logos (original pages). More information about the role of UC in the projecto clicking un second column links. More information about other projects related to myself here.

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