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European Workshop on Fibre Optic Sensors for Industrial Applications (Toulouse, France); 2014

Fiber Bragg grating sensors for Structural Health Monitoring in civil Engineering adn Composites

José Miguel López-Higuera

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 5th OMGS-2014 (Nanjing, China; 2014)
Photonic Sensors: Sensing using Light Technologies (Invited Paper)
José Miguel López-Higuera
Today, Photonics is considered by the European Commission a Key Enabling Technology (KET) for the Europe Development and also an Essential Technology for the Nation (USA). Photonic Sensing understood in wide sense as “sensing using light technologies” will be and area with very important expectations of annual growths and strong socio-economic impacts in the present decade (2010-2020). In the talk, after a mention of what it must be understood as Photonics field we will go into Photonic Sensing area including the particular case of the sensors using fiber technologies (OFS). Several significant cases (including the ones useful for geotechnical applications) will be presented and discussed.
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20th Imeko TC-4 (Benevento, Italy; 2014)

Spectroscopic Optical Sensors for Welding Diagnostics

J. Mirapeix, A. Cobo, J.J. Valdiande, R. Ruiz-Lombera, P.B. Garcia-Allende, O.M. Conde, L. Rodriguez-Cobo and J.M. Lopez-Higuera

Degradation of the wall of human ascending thoracic aorta has been assessed through Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). OCT images of the media layer of the aortic wall exhibit micro-structure degradation in case of diseased aortas from aneurysmal vessels. The OCT indicator of degradation depends on the dimension of areas of the media layer where backscattered reflectivity becomes smaller due to a disorder on the  morphology of elastin, collagen and smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Efficient pre-processing of the OCT images is required to accurately extract the dimension of degraded areas after an optimized thresholding procedure. OCT results have been validated against conventional histological analysis.
The OCT qualitative assessment has achieved a pair sensitivity-specificity of 100%-91.6% in low-high degradation discrimination when a threshold of 4965.88μm2 is selected. This threshold suggests to have physiological meaning. The OCT quantitative evaluation of degradation achieves a correlation of 0.736 between the OCT indicator and the histological score. This in-vitro study can be transferred to the clinical scenario to provide an intraoperative assessment tool to guide cardiovascular surgeons in open
repair interventions.
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Investigador del Grupo de Ingeniería Fotónica recoge distinción en San Francisco PDF Imprimir E-Mail
Investigador del Grupo de Ingeniería Fotónica recoge distinción en San Francisco

El catedrático de la UC José Miguel López Higuera recoge de manos del Presidente de la Sociedad Americana de Óptica, OSA, la placa que le reconoce como Fellow de la prestigiosa sociedad científica americana. El acto se desarrolló en el marco de la más importante conferencia mundial de comunicaciones por fibra óptica, la OFC, que se desarrolló recientemente en San Francisco.

Foto de familia de los 6 investigadores reconocidos por la OSA en la OFC.
Fué entregado por el Presidente de la OSA (Philip H. Buskbaum, centro) el
11 de marzo de 2014 en San Francisco, California, USA.

En el premio ha sido otorgado al investigador Ramaliego por sus contribuciones científico-técnicas en el campo de los sensores mediante luz y por promover el avance de la fotónica en España. Esta distinción Fellow OSA es la primera vez que ha recaído en un investigador de la Universidad de Cantabria. Recogió la distinción junto a otros cinco investigadores de Israel, Alemania, Reino Unido, Japón y Canadá.

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