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Laser Metal Deposition online Monitoring via Plasma Emission Spectroscopy and Spectral...
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy analysis of copper and nickel in chelating resins...2021
Light Technology for Efficient and Effective Photodynamic Therapy: A Critical Review...2021
Early diagnosis of frailty; technological and non-intrusive devices for clinical detection...2021
Slit beam shaping technique for femtosecond laser inscription of symmetric cladding waveguides.2021
All-Dielectric Toroidal Metasurfaces for Angular-Dependent Resonant Polarization Beam Splitting.2021
Broadband continuously tunable all-fiber laser based on OPG for CARS imaging...2021
Hybrid Raman-Erbium Random Fiber Laser with a Half Open Cavity Assisted by Artificially...2021
Characterization of Optical Coherence Tomography Images for Colon Lesion Differentiation...2021
Using Mg/Ca Ratios from the Limpet Patella depressa Pennant, 1777 Measured by Laser-Induced...2021
Strongly resonant silicon slot metasurfaces with symmetry-protected bound states in...2021
Automatic Ankle Angle Detection by Integrated RGB and Depth Camera System...2021
Modeling and synthesis of breast cancer optical property signatures with generative models...2021
Single longitudinal mode lasers by using artificially controlled backscattering erbium...2021
Liquid level sensor based on dynamic Fabry-Perot interferometers in processed capillary fiber...2021
Optical Fiber Sensors by Direct Laser Processing: A Review...2020
Reflection-based lab-in-fiber sensor integrated in a surgical needle for biomedical...2020
All-in-fiber multiscan Mach-Zehnder interferometer assisted by core FBG for simultaneous...2020
A novel aerosolization mitigation device for endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery...2020
Engineering Aspheric Liquid Crystal Lenses by Using the Transmission Electrode Technique; 2020
3D-printable headligh tface shield adapter. Personal protective equipment in the COVID-19 era; 2020
Multifunctional light beam control device by stimuliresponsive liquid crystal micrograting...2020
Split regeneration of chelating resins for the selective recovery of nickel and copper...; 2020
3D Fine-scale Terrain Variables from Underwater Photogrammetry: A New Approach to Benthic...; 2020
Predective Models for the Characterization of Internal Defects in Additive Materials from...2020
Positive-negative tunable liquid crystal lenses based on a microstructured transmission line
Complementary use of active Infrared Thermography and Optical Coherent...; 2020
Slit beam shaping technique for femtosecond laser inscription of enhanced plane-by-plane FBGs; 2020
An inertial sensor-based system designed to measure and prevent undesired camera rotation...; 2020
Measuring the Water Content in Wood Using Step-Heating Thermography and Speckle...; 2020
Context-free hyperspectral image enhancement for wide-field optical biomarker...2020
Ultrahigh temperature and strain hybrid integrated sensor system based on Raman and...; 2019
Analysis of the population structure of a gorgonian forest (Placogorgia sp.) using...; 2019
Diffractive elements inscribed at end-fiber surface by femtosecond laser; 2019
Estimation of surgeons ergonomic dynamics with a structured light system during...; 2019;
Stable oxygen isotope analysis of Phorcus Lineatus (da Costa, 1778) as a proxy for...; 2019
Switchable dual-wavelength mode-locked fiber laser source for in-PCF parametric...; 2019
Characterization of tilted end-fiber diffraction grating inscribed by femtosecond laser; 2019
Optical fiber lasers assisted by micro-drilled optical fiber tapers; 2019
Automatic detection of moistures in different construction materials from thermographic images; 2019
A microwave Polarimeter Demonstrator for Astronomy with Near-Infra-Red-Up-Conversion for...; 2019
Custom scanning hyperspectral imaging system for biomedical applications: modeling...; 2019
Stress-induced optical waveguides written by an ultrafast laser in Nd3+, Y3+ co-doped...; 2019
Identification of Human Pathological Mitral Chordae Tendineae Using Polarization-sensitive...; 2019
Comparative Experimental Study of a High-Temperature Raman-Based Distributed Optical Fiber...; 2019
Identification of Human Pathological Mitral Chordae Tendineae Using Polarization-sensitive...; 2018
On the spectral signature of melanoma: a non-parametric classification framework for cancer...; 2018
Single longitudinal mode Fiber ring laser; 2018
Virtual FBGs Using Saturable Absorbers for Sensing with Fiber Lasers; 2018
Machine Learning for Turning Optical Fiber Specklegram Sensor into a Spatially-Resolved... 2018
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