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Feasibility Study of a Fiber Ring Laser Working on the SLM Regime in a BOTDA Sensor; 2018
Simultaneous Temperature and Strain Discrimination in a Conventional BOTDA via Artificial... 2018
Mg/Ca profiles within archaeological mollusc (Patella vulgata) shells: Laser-Induced...; 2018
Wavelength converter using a highly Erdoped optical fiber ring laser; 2018
Growth patterns of the topshell Phorcus lineatus (da Costa, 1778) in northern Iberia deduced...;2018
Tunable SESAM-based modelocked soliton fiber laser in linear cavity...J Light Wave Technol.; 2017
Curvature sensor based on In-fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer...; J Light Wave Technol.; 2017
Roadmap on optical sensors; J. Opt.; 2017
Distributed high-temperature optical fiber sensor based on a Brillouin...; IEEE Sens J.; 2017
Electro-optic correlator for large-format microwave interferometry: Up... Rev. Sci. Instrum.; 2017
Low-cost fiber specklegram sensor for noncontact continuous patient monitoring; J Biomed Opt.; 2017
Ultrahigh Temperature Raman-Based Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor...; IEEE J Sel Top Quant.; 2017
Shells and Humans: Molluscs and Other Coastal Resources from the Earliest Human...Pia; 2017
Automated Measurement of Magnesium/Calcium Ratios in Gastropod...; Applied Spectroscopy, 2017
Directional Kernel Density Estimation for Classification of...; IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging; 2017
Structural optical magnetic properties of Co doped alfa-MoO3...; Sensor Actuat A-Phys.; 2017
Proposal of Brillouin optical frequencydomain reflectometry (BOFDR); Opt Express; 2016
Tunable Dual-Wavelength Random Distributed Feedback Fiber Laser...; J Light Wave Technol; 2016
Real-time detection of the aluminium contribution during laserwelding...J Mater Process Tech.; 2016
Colorimetric analysis for on-line arc-welding diagnostics by means of...; IEEE Sens J; 2016
Hessian analysis for the delineation of amorphous anomalies in optical...Biomed. Opt. Express; 2016
SLM fiber laser stabilized at high temperature; IEEE Photonic Tech L.; 2016
Overcoming Nonlocal Effects and Brillouin Threshold Limitations in...; IEEE Photonics J.; 2015
Fiber Specklegram Multiplexed Sensor; J Light Wave Technol; 2015
Single-longitudinal-mode dual wavelengthswitchable fiber laser based...IEEE Photonics J.; 2015
Embedded compaction pressure sensor based on Fiber Bragg Gratings; Measurement; 2015
A ThermographicStep-Heating Technique for Metallic...Infrared Phys Techn; 2015
Structural damage identification in an aluminum composite plate by Brillouin...; IEEE Sens J.; 2015
Identification of vessel wall degradation in ascending thoracic...Biomed. Opt. Express; 2014
Dual-Wavelength Single-Longitudinal Mode Fiber Laser Using Phase-...; IEEE J Sel Top Quant; 2014
DBR fiber laser sensor with polarization mode suppression; IEEE J Sel Top Quant; 2014
Optical strain gauge with high spatial resolution; J. Strain Anal. Eng. Des.; 2014
Comparison of hierarchical temporal memories and artificial...J. Intell. Mater. Syst. Struct.; 2014
Study of Fiber Bragg Grating Spectral Overlapping for Laser Structures; IEEE Photonic Tech L.; 2014
Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for on-line welding diagnostics; J Mater Process Tech.; 2014
Application of Remote Power-by-Light Switching in a Simplified BOTDA Sensor Network; Sensors; 2013
Feasibility study of Hierarchical Temporal Memories...Sensor Actuat A-Phys.; 2013
Coherence Tomography Assessment of Vessel Wall Degradation in Thoracic...; J Biomed Opt.; 2013
Optical fiber strain sensor with extended dynamic range based on...; Sensor Actuat A-Phys.; 2013
Dual-Wavelength Single-Longitudinal Mode Fiber Laser Using...IEEE J Sel Top Quant.; 2013
New design for temperature-strain discrimination using Fiber Bragg...; Smart Mater. Struct.; 2013
Identification of Carbon Black in Military Textiles Using Infrared...; Op. Photonics J.; 2013
Pulsed Wavelength-Tunable Brillouin Fiber Laser Based on a Fourier...; IEEE Photonics J.; 2013
Quantification by signal to noise ratio of active infrared thermography...; Op. Photonics J.; 2013
Recovering a Fiber Bragg Grating axial strain distribution from its reflection...; Opt Letters; 2013
Direct identification of breast cancer pathologies using blind...;Biomed. Opt. Express; 2013
Switchable Erbium Doped Fiber Ring Laser System for Temperature Sensors...; IEEE Sens J; 2013
Bonding sensor based on simplified Fiber Bragg Grating spectral evolution; Compos. Pt. B-Eng.; 2013
Single-longitudinal mode laser structure based on a very narrow filtering...; Opt Express; 2013
Normalization of LIBS spectra using a plastic optical fiber light collector...; APPL OPTICS; 2012
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