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Detection of Methane at 1660-NM band with a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber
Methane sensing using multiple-coupling gaps in hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers
Support Vector Machines in Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy with application to material...
Infrared Imaging spectroscopic system based on a PGP spectrograph and a monochrome infrared camera
In-process automatic wavelength calibration for CCD-spectrometers
Hyperspectral data processing algorithm combining Principal Component Analysis and K Nearest...
Industrial Defect Discrimination Applying Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy and Artificial Neural Networ
Efficient processing technique based on plasma optical spectroscopy for on-line welding quality...
Comparative Analysis of quality parameters of Italian extra virgin olive oils according to their...
Data processing method applying Principal Component Analysis and Spectral Angle Mapper for imaging s
Adaptative Illumination Source for Multispectral Vision System Applied to Material Discrimination
Effects of temperature on High Concentration Erbium-doped fiber intrinsic parameters
Technique of FBG fabrication with an arbitrary spectrum
Tunable fiber laser using concatenated non-adiabatic single-more fiber tapers
Effect of pulse on distributed Brillouin fiber sensing
Alarm system of optical fibre using the thermal-optical sensibility of the PNIPAAm polymer
Refractometer Sensor Based on Losses in the Region of Transition from a Curved Side-Polished Fiber
Arc-Welding quality assurance by jeans of embedded fiber sensor and spectral processing combining fe
Optical properties of Photonic Cristal Fibres with the strain
Quasi-distributed liquid level measurement with adaptable Optical Fiber transducers
Comparison between a symmetric bidirectional-pumping and a unidirectional-pumping configurations in
Highly Nonlinear Fiber as Pre-amplifier in Distributed Fiber Raman Amplifier Bus Networks for Sensor
Arc welding queality monitoring by means of near infrared imaging spectroscopy
Pulse Shape effects on Backscattering Brillouin gain for distributed fiber sensing
New Method for Previsional Design of Fabrication Process of LPG's with a Given Sensitivity
Low-Cost Quasi-Distributed Sensor Based on Bended Side-Polished Plastic Optical Fiber
Spectral Evolution of Long-Period Fiber Grating During Written Process and Their Influence in the Se
Demultiplexing of Interferometrically Interrogated Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: FFT vs MUSIC
Quality control on radiant heaters manufacture
Discrete signal transforms as a tool for processing and analyzing pulsed thermographic data
Superfluorescent erbium doped fibre optic sources comparative study
Visibility degradation in interferometric fiber-optic sensors incorporating EDFA's
Spectroscopic analysis technique for arc-welding process control
Pulse shape effects on the measurement of Temperature using a Brillouin based Optical Fiber Sensor
Arc Welding Process Control based on Back Face Thermography: Application to the Manufacturing of Nuc
Field test of infrared thermography applied to biogas controlling in landfill sites
Arc welding defect detection by means of Principal Component Analisys and Artificial Neural Networks
Evaluation of PCA dimensionality reduction techniques in imaging spectroscopy for foreign object det
Methane detection using Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy and a multiline quantitation method
Quality Control of Radiant Heaters
Angular and Displacement sensor based on POF and Moiré Patterns
Digital Adaptative Filters for Interrogating Fiber Optic Sensors
Wavelength-Division-Multiplexed Distributed Fiber Raman Amplifier Bus Network for Sensors
Application of the Fast Fourier Transform and parametric frequency estimation for the measurement of
Optical signal polarization state instability on erbium doped fibers
Virtual Long Period Fiber Gratings
Pump tuning of an erbium doped-fiber LPG
In Situ Refraction Index of Liquids measurement using Polymer Optical Fibers
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