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Fractal analysis of scatter imaging signatures to distinguish breast pathologies
Linear classifier and textural analysis of optical scattering images for tumor classification during
Integral temperature hybrid laser sensor
BOTDA sensor network with power by light remote switching
Quasidistributed fiber sensor for precast concrete structures monitoring
Temperature level optical fiber sensor using shape memory alloy wires
Pipe flow speed sensor based on Fiber Bragg Gratings
POF vibration sensor based on speckle pattern changes
Smart material using Fiber Bragg Grating transducers and Shape Memory Alloy actuators
Focal beam position detection in a laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy system by using a Fiber Brag
Speckle characterization in multimode fibers for sensing applications
Influence of the refractive index of liquids in the speckle pattern of multimode fibers
Optical Fiber Sensor for Prestressed Concrete Structures Bond behaviors measurements
Clasificación de defectos de soldadura en tiempo real mediante técnicas ópticas y memorias...
Detección automática de defectos en un sistema óptico de monitorización en línea de la calidad...
ICA- Guided delineation of breast cancer pathology
Textural analisys of optical scattering for identification of cancer in breast surgical specimens
Blind breast tissue diagnosis using independent component analysis of localized backscattering...
Enhanced tumor contrast during breast lumpectomy provided by independent component analysis...
Optimized Image Calibration for Spectroscopic Systems
L-Band Multiwavelength Erbium-Doped Fiber Ring Laser for Sensing Applications
Long integral temperature Brillouin sensor for off- shore wind energy power supply lines
30cm of spatial resolution using pre-excitation pulse BOTDA technique
Optimal design and implementation of a temperature and strain optical transducer using FBGs...
Optimized Marks for Qualitative Material Discrimination
High resolution method for measuring Brillouin spectrum scattering in special optical fibers
Sensor of displacement with axial and/or transverse displacement of optical fibers
Low cost, single-use plastic optical fiber sensor based on surface plasmon resonance in...
Design and manufacture of a microscope confocal based on optical fibers
Low cost plastic optical fiber sensor based on surface plasmon resonance
Angle transducer based on fiber Bragg gratings able for tunnel auscultation
Spectral marks for qualitative discriminant analysis
Unsupervised grouping of industrial textile dyes using K-means algorithm and optical fibre spectrosc
Signal to noise ration (SNR) comparison for pulsed thermographic data processing methods applied to
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) comparison for lock-in thermographic data processing methods in CFRP...
Quality Assurance in Textile Industry using a Fiber-Optic Spectroscopy Sensor
Automated ensemble segmentation of epithelial proliferation, necrosis and fibrosis using scatter...
Welding diagnostics based on feature selection and optimization algorithms
Hyperspectral imaging for diagnosis and quality control in agri-food and industrial sectors
Use of the plasma RMS signal for on-line welding quality monitoring
Resilient long-distance sensorsystem using a multiwavelength Raman laser
High temperature fiber sensor based on thermo-mechanical written LPG
Multi-zone temperature sensor using a multi-wavelenght Brillouin fiber ring laser
Switchable multi-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser for remote sensing
Optical fibre spectroscopy sensor for the quantitative determination of industrial textile dyes
Welding diagnostics by means of line-to-continuum method ans SFFS spectral band selection
Automated interpretation of scatter signatures aimed at tissue morphology identification
Enhanced contrast detection of suibsurface defects by pulsed infrared thermography based...
Automated segmentation based upon remitted scatter spectra from pathologically distinct tumor region
Effect of humidity on optical fiber distributed sensor based on Brillouin scattering
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