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 MEDEA 2A714 SoftSoC
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Title:MEDEA 2A714 SoftSoC
Payer:DS2, SidSA, VistaSilicon, MICyT 
Partners:NXP, Thales, Grass Valley, DS2, SIDSA, VistaSilicon, MDS, CEA-LETI, Compaan Design, LIACS, TIMA, TU Delft 
Budget:150000€ Years, begin:2009  end:2009 
Director:Eugenio Villar 
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Staff: Eugenio Villar
Gerardo Caballero
Description:SoftSoC aims at solving the main SoC productivity bottleneck by providing Hardware Dependant Software (HDS) solutions to enable SoC designers to aggregate multiple HW IP with their associated HDS into efficient design.
The consortium involves European leaders in system and SoC design interested in the exploitation of the results.

SoftSoC solutions will enable Europe to maintain its leadership in key strategic markets by increasing the capacity of SoC designers to build larger and better quality systems in less time.

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