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Title:Approaches to Modeling Converters with Current Programmed Control
Type:International Conference
Where:1st Power Electronics Education Workshop, PEEW 2005-PESC05. Recife, Brasil
Authors: Francisco J. Azcondo
Christian Brañas
Rosario Casanueva
Dragan Maksimovic
R&D Lines: Design of electronic circuits for industrial applications
Projects: Sistemas de alimentación para lámparas de descarga y equipos de electroer...
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Abstract:In this paper, we present an overview of previously
published approaches to dynamic modeling of current
programmed converters, including basic low-frequency
averaged models, as well as treatments of sampling and aliasing
effects. The modeling assumptions are examined and the
differences among the approaches are highlighted, with the
objectives of making it easier to present these topics in power
electronics courses and applying the models in practice.
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