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Title:POSIX modeling in SystemC
Type:International Conference
Where:proc. of the 11th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, ASP-DAC'06, IEEE
Authors: Héctor Posadas
Jesús Angel Adámez
Pablo Pedro Sánchez
Eugenio Villar
Francisco Blasco (DS2)
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Projects: ITEA IP 03002 MERCED
Metodologías de especificación, análisis de prestaciones y verificación d...
PDF File:
Abstract:In this paper, a SystemC library for POSIX modeling and simulation is presented. By using the library, the SystemC specification using POSIX functions is converted automatically into a timed simulation estimating the execution time of the application SW running on the POSIX platform. The library works directly on the source code. Therefore, it provides an early and fast estimation of the performance of the system as a consequence of the architectural mapping decisions.
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