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Title:Concurrent Specification of Embedded Systems: An Insight into the Flexibility vs Correctness trade-off
Type:Book chapter
Where:Kiyofumi Tanaka: "Embedded Systems - Theory and Design Methodology", InTech, Croatia
Authors: Fernando Herrera
Iñigo Ugarte
R&D Lines: Embedded Systems Specification
Projects: FP7 IP 247999 COMPLEX
PDF File:
Abstract:The chapter reviews different approaches and techniques for ensuring the correctness of concurrent specifications, to finally establish the trade-off between the flexibility in the usage of a specification language and the correctness of the coded specification. The chapter is structured as follows. Section 2 introduces an apparently simple specification problem in order to show how a rich specification language such as SystemC enables many different correct solutions, but also similar incorrect ones. Then, section 3 explores the possibilities and limitations of checking a SystemC specification through the application of simulation-based verification techniques. Finally, section 4 introduces an alternative, based on methodologies for correct-by-construction specifications and/or specification for verification. Section 5 gives conclusions about the trade-off between specification flexibility and verification cost and feasibility.

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