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Title:Enhanced IP-XACT Platform Descriptions for Automatic Generation from UML/MARTE of Fast Performance Models for DSE
Type:International Conference
Where:15th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design, DSD'2012
Authors: Fernando Herrera
Héctor Posadas
Eugenio Villar
Daniel Calvo
R&D Lines: Embedded Systems Specification
Design of HW/SW Embedded Systems
Projects: FP7 IP 247999 COMPLEX
PDF File:
Abstract:This paper presents a framework which, starting from a UML/MARTE model of the embedded system, relies on an enhanced IP-XACT description of the platform for the automatic generation of a fast performance executable model. The paper presents a two-step flow which relies on an enhanced IP-XACT description of the HW architecture. Moreover, the paper proposes an enhancement of current capabilities of the IP-XACT standard in order to add semantic information to the HW architecture and to support the integration of Hardware Dependent Software (HdS). This way, HW and SW sides of the integration of a component in a virtual platform model are covered. The applicability of the proposed approach is shown by enabling the proposed enhanced IP-XACT description at the front-end of a simulation infrastructure suited for fast performance assessment, and thus for supporting design space exploration.
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