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Microelectronics Engineering Group

Electronics Technology, Systems and Automation Engineering Department University of Cantabria
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   PUBLICATIONS originated within the project: "Diseño y validación del ASIC de mu..." ordered by date
International Conference V. Fernández, A. Jalón, L. Berrojo, Yves Leroy
"Design, Functional Verification and Test of a MPEG2-TS Multiplexer for an On-Board Satellite Processor"
XVII Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems (DCIS 2002). Santander. 2002-11
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International Conference V. Fernández, L. Berrojo, J. Prat, Y. Leroy
"Verification of a Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite System"
16th Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference, DCIS 2001. Oporto (Portugal). 2001-11
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