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   PUBLICATIONS originated within the project: "HWSWCO..." ordered by date
International Paper R. Varona, E. Villar, A-I. Rodríguez (GMV), F. Ferrero (GMV), E. Alaña (GMV)
"Architectural Optimization & Design of Embedded Systems based on AADL Performance Analysis"
American Journal of Computer Architecture, V.1, N.2, Scientific & Academic Publishing. 2012-11
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International Conference Elena Alaña, Francisco Ferrero, Ana Isabel Rodríguez, Raúl Valencia, Eric Conquet, Juan Antonio Puente, Juan Zamorano, F. Herrera, R. Varona
"Component-based technologies for HW/SW Co-Design"
Embedded Real Time Software and Systems-ERTS2. Toulouse. France. 2012-02
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Report, Study or Opinion by order R. Varona, V. Fernández, E. Villar
"HWSW Co-Design Survey"
Deliverable R1-2 of the ESTEC HW/SW Co-Design Project. 2011-05
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International Conference R. Varona, E. Villar, A-I. Rodríguez (GMV)
"Ravenscar Computational Model compliant AADL Simulation on LEON2"
International Symposium on Information System and Software Engineering, ISSE 2011 . 2011-03
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