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Título:Fault Detection in Algorithmic ADC Monitoring Charge in SC Converters and Dynamic Current in SI Converters
Tipo:Publicacion en Proceedings o Actas internacionales
Lugar:IX Workshop IBERCHIP (IWS´2003). La Habana (Cuba)
Autores: Yolanda Lechuga
Mar Martínez
Salvador Bracho
Líneas: Métodos de test de circuitos integrados digitales y mixtos
Proyectos: Técnicas de Test para Circuitos Mixtos, Analógicos-Digitales. Aplicación ...
Resumen:Fault detection in analog to digital converters is a difficult task that can been enhanced with the application of Built-in Sensors. The special capability of dynamic current sensors, that include the capability to process the highest frequency components in the dynamic power supply current, to detect fault in SI algorithmic analog to digital converter, with a relative reduce area increments in the design of the ADC, is compared with sensors of charge in switched capacitor circuits establishing a correlation between the type of signal mainly used in the converters and the parameter measured to detection of faults.
A relative comparison between the efficiency and area used by the sensors in the two types of fault detection method is presented in this paper. The processing of the sensor captured signals to determine the go /no go post fabrication test are also considered in the paper in both type of algorithmic analog to digital converters.
The different topologies of algorithmic switched current cyclic or redundant signed-digit cyclic(RSD) ADCs, goes from those architectures based on SI and S2I memory cells, to fully differential ones for this type of ADC circuits. All of this architectures for cyclic algorithmic ADC are developed to achieve a higher level of analog performance and reduction of influence of the most common error in the circuits.
An algorithmic redundant cyclic (RSD) switched capacitor ADCs fully differential has been designed as well, as a SC benchmark circuit to compare the test results with the switched current ones.
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