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Título:CPD Design Flow & Modeling Framework (Final version)
Tipo:Informe, Estudio o Dictamen por encargo
Lugar:Deliverable DT2.4.2 of the Artemis Scalopes project
Autores: Daniel Calvo
Eugenio Villar
Phillipe Millet
Francisco Barat
Saeid Azmoodeh
et all
Líneas: Diseño y verificación de sistemas embebidos HW/SW
Proyectos: Artemis SCALOPES
Resumen:In this report, a methodology and a file structure to describe systems using the capabilities of IP-XACT in hardware representation is presented. In order to enable DSE, the platform model is configurable from the XML files. Using the proposed methodology it is possible to automatically generate appropriate system models for different simulation alternatives, taking into account both hardware and software. The tool presented in DT2.3.2 is used.
This type of high-level modelling framework is adequate for the design and optimization of complex systems such as the Pointing, Acquisition and Tracking (PAT) of smart antennas for sitcom mobile applications from TTI.
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