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Título:Embedded and low-power surveillance systems: Final specification release
Tipo:Informe, Estudio o Dictamen por encargo
Lugar:Deliverable DA2.2 of the Artemis Scalopes project
Autores: Patricia Botella
Pablo González
Pablo Sánchez
Francisco Alcalá
Mario Virgliar
et all
Líneas: Diseño y verificación de sistemas embebidos HW/SW
Proyectos: Artemis SCALOPES
Resumen:Surveillance activities will move in the direction of specific and specialized techniques in the area of HW and SW R&D and engineering for audio/video processing for safety and public security. The main aims are to solve some specific issues in the domain of low-scale power efficient computing systems, being able to work in harsh or hostile environments, and with particular regard to high performance/highly specialized computation and efficient communication along mixed or low bandwidth networks. This document is the final set of specifications, coming from applicative domain, to be used as a “White book” for technical developments about surveillance systems in SCALOPES. A comprehensive view of the underlying domain is supplied to the reader by unwrapping the
contributions from the partners involved in a continuous and self-explanatory description.
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