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Title:ITEA 05015 SPICES
Partners:Airbus, Axlog, Barco, CEA, CeTIC, Feria, LAAS, U. Leuven, SQS, Thales, TCP, UBS, Verimag 
Budget:143430€ Years, begin:2006  end:2008 
Director:Eugenio Villar 
R&D Lines:  
Staff: Eugenio Villar
Eduardo de las Heras
David Quijano
Juan Castillo
Roberto Varona
Description:AADL (Architecture Analysis & Design Language) has been designed to allow the description of task and communication architectures of real-time, embedded, fault-tolerant, secure, safety-critical, software-intensive systems. In this project, new, solid engineering methods and tools dedicated to embedded systems and including validation support will be built. They will be derived from extended AADL descriptions to support specific non-functional real-time embedded constraints and to provide run-time execution capabilities.
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