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Title:Series-parallel resonant converter for an EDM power supply
Type:International Paper
Where:Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 149 (2004) 172-177
Authors: Rosario Casanueva
Francisco J. Azcondo
Salvador Bracho
R&D Lines: Design of electronic circuits for industrial applications
Projects: Sistemas de alimentación para lámparas de descarga y equipos de electroer...
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Abstract:A new EDM impulse generator based on a HF switched dc to dc series-parallel resonant converter is presented. The converter generates the necessary voltage, first to ionize the dielectric and then to maintain the discharge and, provided that it operates in constant current mode, the impulse generator has inherent short circuit protection. As the switches turn on at zero voltage the converter presents minimum switching losses. The characteristics of this power electronic system are high speed control of the quality of each pulse, small size and light weight suitable for on-site machining.

The EDM power supply has been validated to perform operations in a nuclear power plant application. The design and results are described in this paper.
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