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Title:Estimación de prestaciones para Exploración de Diseño en Sistemas Embebidos Complejos HW/SW
Type:PHD Thesis
Where:Santander, UC
Authors: Héctor Posadas
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Abstract:Estimating and verifying system performance of embedded designs at the beginning of the design process is a very important task. Fast estimation tools are required in order to evaluate different design possibilities, such as HW/SW partitioning or resource allocation, to verify the fulfillment of the system constraints, or to support design space exploration flows. In this context, the thesis proposes a tool capable of simulating embedded systems using source code annotation. As a consequence, … [+]fast estimations are obtained with minimal design effort, obtaining an adequate accuracy. For developing such tool several tasks has been performed. First, the SystemC language has been extended to provide the designer with a model of a real-time operating system. This model enables the correct simulation, scheduling and debugging of embedded SW. The second element added is an infrastructure capable of estimating and annotating performance information for each basic block in the source code. This infrastructure enables obtaining timed simulations of the SW. Additionally generic TLM elements have been developed to enable creating models of the HW platforms. Finally, additional components has been developed to use the proposed tool in a complete Design Space Exploration flow. The simulation infrastructure has been developed and checked in several European projects, and in collaboration with private companies.
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