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SCoPE+ :Configurable architectural mapping modeling

The SCoPE+ tool is a high-level, fast simulator developed developed in the european COMPLEX project to provide early timed virtual platforms where designers can perform the SW design process considering HW characteristics. SCoPE+ tool is capable of obtaining the expected performance metrics of the simulated configurations, providing the user with the needed information to optimize the final product. SCoPE+ tool works on top of SystemC, so specific HW components can be integrated in the internal TLM HW platform model, together with the generic components provided by the tool.

SCoPE+ plus has been developed to simplify the architectural mapping exploration. It just requires the platform-independent functional code of the system components instead of completely refined, platform-specific codes in order to perform the simulation . All mechachanisms required for providing communication and concurrency in the system are automatically generated at simulation time from the information obtained from the system description. For such purpose a new interface has been generated, capable of receiving and managing all the information contained in the UML model. From that information, all the system wrappers required to interconnect the functional components are automatically created for each simulation, adapted to the configuration to be explored on each execution.


SCoPE+ has been connected with the UML/MARTE flow developed in the european COMPLEX project in order to automatically receive all the information of the high-level model, without requiring intermediate manual operation. It has also been integrated with MOST, which automatically launches all the SCoPE+ executions required to perform the explorations required by the user. All the compilation scripts are also generated from the UML/MARTE model, so the use of the SCoPE+ can be hidden by the COMPLEX Eclipse Application GUI, since no manual intervention is required during the simulation process.

SCoPE+ and the UML/MARTE infrastructure are not freely available. If you are interested, please contact to: villar@teisa.unican.es

Nevertheless, you can get a reduced demo version from here.
Here, cache support, asynchronous communications and HW allocation mappings are not integrated.

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