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 Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
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Eugenio Villar (Responsible for this Research Line)
Víctor Fernández
Pablo Pedro Sánchez
Iñigo Ugarte
Héctor Posadas
Javier Barreda
Patricia Botella
Gerardo Caballero
Daniel Calvo
Luis Diaz
Álvaro Díaz
Raúl Diego
Pablo González
Fernando Herrera
Pablo Peñil
Sara Real
Roberto Varona
Design of HW/SW Embedded Systems
HW/SW Embedded Systems Design is one of the main activities currently carried out by the Research Group. In this field, the most active research area is modeling and performance analysis of HW/SW Embedded Systems. The performance analysis technology implemented in SCoPE [+]
Embedded Systems Specification
Currently, our activity in electronic specification is focused on system specification for performance analysis and HW/SW co-design as an evolution of our previous activity in VHDL digital description. A first work was the study of the requirements that a system specification language should satisfy when applied to co-... [+]
Verification of Embedded Systems
This research area continues the activity in test synthesis and VHDL test application and is closely related to the research in embedded systems specification and design. As a practical exploitation of this know-how, several verification plans for industrial design projects were made [+]
Previous activities in VHDL design
The experience of the group in Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) started in 1982 with the study and application of languages like AHPL, DDL and ISPS in the design and verification of electronic circuits. VHDL is the HDL used in the group since the beginning of the 90’s.
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