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Title:ANDRES- ANalysis and Design of run-time REconfigurable, heterogeneous Systems
Type:International Conference
Where:Workshop on "Adaptive Heterogeneous Systems-On-Chip and European Dimensions" in the Design Automation and Test in Europe 2007, DATE'07
Authors: A. Herrholz
F. Oppenheimer
A. Schallenberg
W. Nebel
C. Grimm
M. Damm
Fernando Herrera
Eugenio Villar
A-M. Fouilliart
M. Martínez
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Projects: IST 033511 ANDRES
PDF File:
Abstract:In this paper we present the ANDRES project. The main objective of ANDRES is the development of a seamless design flow for adaptive heterogeneous embedded systems based on the modelling language SystemC. The methodology and tools will enable early integration and exploration of system specifications using different Models of Computation as well as automatic synthesis of hardware and software
implementations. The project explores different aspects of adaptivity and will provide means to efficiently use and exploit adaptivity in embedded system design.
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