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Sun 19-May-24 09:47


Design of embedded systems requires solution for modeling and evaluating the system before creating the real prototype. Commonly, simulation of embedded systems is performance using slow ISSs. SCoPE tool provides a new technology capable of performing timed HW/SW co-simulation with much lower simulation times.

SCoPE combines easy creation of platform models with fast techniques for SW execution modeling. SCoPE provides a simulation technique alternative to instruction set simulators (ISS) obtaining speed ups in factors about x100 in exchange of performance estimation errors of about 10%. To do so, SCoPE applies the latest techniques on annotated native co-simulation with high-level TLM HW platform models.

SCoPE is a tool specially oriented to the fist steps of development in the design process. I fact, it is a good technical solution for two main purposes:

- Explore the best system configurations. SCoPE allows fast modeling of your SW and HW components in a complete platform model. Thus, you can analyze the performance results of your possible configurations, exploring the effects of different components, such as processors, or the effects of different architectures. SCoPE provides facilities for automatic system exploration.
- Put at disposal of your SW designers a virtual platform where the interaction with HW components, and in general, the effects of the planned system can be considered. Thus, the development of the SW can start without requiring a HW prototype, reducing the time to market of your products. Additionally, as the native simulation speed is close to the obtained running the SW in your PC, SW development time is highly reduced compared with current ISS-based simulation techniques.


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