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SCoPE Structure: Core and Plugins

SCoPE simulation infrastructure provides a complete set of facilities for fast modeling of complex embedded systems. SCoPE allows modeling from simple systems composed of a processor a bus and a memory to MpSoC with NoC systems. Designers can use that simulations for functional purposes, developing and checking the correct behavior of the system components, or for performance evaluation, obtaining information about delays, resource use, power consumption, cache efficiency, bus or network traffic, temperature increase, etc.

The open-source components of SCoPE are:
- SCoPE simulation core
- M3-Plugin for Design Space Exploration

The non open-source components that can be added to extend the basic SCoPE facilities are the following:
- SCoPE+: Extension for automatic exploration of architectural mappings
- Optimized SW estimation plug-in
- Cache modeling plug-in (including optimized instruction caches, data caches and L2 caches)
- IP-XACT platform description plug-in
- Win32 API plug-in
- Thermal floor-plan analysis plug-in
- Sicosys network modeling plug-in
- TCP/IP plug-in
- Real-Time Linux plug-in

If you want to receive more information or to obtain any non open-source plugin, please contact to: villar@teisa.unican.es

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