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 PLATINO - Plataforma HW/SW distribuida para el procesamiento inteligente de información sensorial heterogénea en aplicaciones de supervisión de grandes espacios naturales
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Title:PLATINO - Plataforma HW/SW distribuida para el procesamiento inteligente de información sensorial heterogénea en aplicaciones de supervisión de grandes espacios naturales
Payer:Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades. Agencia Estatal de Investigación. Código: TEC2017-86722-C4-3-R 
Partners:ULPGC (Coordinador), UCLM, UPM 
Budget:92000€ Years, begin:2018  end:2020 
Director:Pablo Pedro Sánchez 
R&D Lines: Design of HW/SW Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems Specification
Verification of Embedded Systems
Design and verification of electronic systems for communications
Staff: Pablo Pedro Sánchez
Eugenio Villar
Víctor Fernández
Description:In the last few decades, the remarkable advances in the field of Electronics have enabled the development of new sensors, able to provide richer and more diverse information about the surrounding environment. However, this has also fostered significant increases not only in constructive complexity, but also in terms of data transmission requirements, which in turn leads to more complex and stringent computational requirements, i.e. processing capabilities to extract useful information from sensor data for a given application. The level of complexity can be further increased when facing scenarios in which not only one sensor, but a network of tens of sensors of different nature and placed in different locations, either fixed or in movement, is considered, especially when sensors are permanently and autonomously monitoring a specific set of parameters and using the acquired data to make smart and fast decisions incurring in minimum energy consumption. Hence, although these heterogeneous sensor networks provide more information and thus favor better resource utilization rates, they also create certain needs that have to be satisfied with novel contributions in the field of ICT that enable efficient data management for the large datasets generated by the aforementioned networks, reduction of excessive processing time in mobile devices, while at the same time ensuring minimum energy consumption and link security between the nodes. The core proposal of this project can be framed in the aforementioned context, since it aims at providing a set of different solutions that enable further developments in the design of distributed hardware/software platforms able to smartly process heterogeneous sensor information. The feasibility of these solutions will be assessed in a Smart Farming scenario, where the use of multisensory networks is a major breakthrough in terms of economy, but also in food quality and safety. To tackle this challenge, the PLATINO project will focus on five key factors that have been identified as essential for the use and management of these sensor networks:(1) automatic data acquisition using cutting-edge hyperspectral and photonic sensors; (2) development of new algorithms to efficiently extract relevant information from captured sensor data; (3) development of a secure network infrastructure to support safe/secure data transfers, and distributed data processing; (4) implementation of the processing algorithms and data fusion in specifically-tailored computing platforms, suited for different power consumption scenarios; and (5) design of expert systems and mixed-reality user interfaces to enable smart decision-making processes, based on heterogeneous sensor data fusion.  

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