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Title:FP7 216693 MULTICUBE
Payer:FP7 ICT EC 
Partners:STMicroelectronics, DS2, STMicroelectronics-China, ESTECO, ALARI, IMEC, Politecnico di Milano, ICT 
Budget:194955€ Years, begin:2008  end:2010 
Director:Eugenio Villar 
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Staff: Eugenio Villar
Héctor Posadas
Sara Real
Gerardo de Miguel
Description:The MULTICUBE project focuses on the definition of an automatic multi-objective Design Space Exploration (DSE) framework to be used to tune the System-on-Chip architecture for the target
application evaluating a set of metrics (e.g. energy, latency, throughput, bandwidth, QoS, etc.) for the next generation embedded multimedia platforms. This general objective is two-fold.
On the one hand, the MULTICUBE project will define a DSE framework to find design alternatives that best meet system constraints and cost criteria. In such a framework, a set of heuristic optimization algorithms must be defined to reduce the overall exploration time by computing a set of Pareto configurations with respect to the selected metrics.
On the other hand, the MULTICUBE project will define a run-time DSE framework based on the applications of the results of the static design exploration to optimize the run-time allocation and scheduling of different application tasks.
To support both the static and the run-time design exploration flow described above, the MULTICUBE project will develop a multi-level system specification and modeling framework to provide static and dynamic evaluation of the system-level metrics.
To ensure a wide applicability of the proposed DSE framework , the MULTICUBE project is strongly industry-driven..

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