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Title:Test of a Switched Capacitor ADC by a Built-In Charge Sensor
Type:International Paper
Where:Microelectronics Journal 36 (12): 1064-1072
Authors: Román Mozuelos
Yolanda Lechuga
Mar Martínez
Salvador Bracho
R&D Lines: Test methods of digital and mixed integrated circuits
Projects: Técnicas de Test para Circuitos Mixtos, Analógicos-Digitales. Aplicación ...
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Abstract:A test methodology for switched capacitor circuits is described. The test approach uses a built-in sensor to analyze the charge transfer inside the circuit under test (CUT). The test methodology is applied to a 10-bit algorithmic analog to digital converter to characterize the static linearity and to obtain the simulated fault coverage figures taking into account a catastrophic fault model. The goodness of the charge sensor has been experimentally evaluated with an SC integrator for fault detection and built-in sensor influence on the CUT performances.
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