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Title:Especificación Heterogénea y Generación Automática de Software para Sistemas Embebidos desde SystemC
Type:PHD Thesis
Where:Universidad de Cantabria
Authors: Fernando Herrera
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Projects: Desarrollo de metodologías industriales de diseño de sistemas embebidos H...
Metodologías de especificación, análisis de prestaciones y verificación d...
PDF File:see file
Abstract:This thesis provides two essential contributions for the improvement of the productivity in the design of embedded systems. First, it proposes the SystemC-based HetSC methodology for the specification of systems with parts under different abstract modelling styles. They can be connected among them and with other approaches like SystemC-AMS, etc. That is, the methodology supports heterogeneous specification and abstraction. The second contribution of this thesis is the SWGen methodology, which provides a connection between the system-level specification (HetSC) and the conventional flows for the development of embedded software, based on cross-development toolkits and embedded operative systems. Both methodologies have been checked by means of different experiments, development environments and target platforms.
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