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Title:EU FP7-288307 PHARAON project: Parallel and heterogeneous architecture for real-time applications
Type:International Conference
Where:Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design, DSD 2013, IEEE, doi: 10.1109/DSD.2013.47
Authors: Héctor Posadas
Eugenio Villar
et al.
R&D Lines: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
Projects: FP7 288307 PHARAON
PDF File:
Abstract:In this article, we present the work-in-progress of the EU FP7 PHARAON project, started in September 2011.
The first objective of the project is the development of new techniques and tools capable to assist the designer in the development
of parallel embedded systems, from executable specifications to target-specific implementation and debugging on a multicore platform. This tool chain will offer and implement several parallelization strategies, reflecting the functional and non-functional constraints of the system, and driving the designer into incremental parallelization and adaptation steps.
The second objective of the project is to develop monitoring and control techniques in the middleware of the system capable to automatically adapt platform services to application requirements and therefore reduce power consumption transparently.
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