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Title:Fault Modeling of Implantable MEMS sensors
Type:International Conference
Where:Proceedings of the International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices. BIODEVICES 2015
Authors: Jose Angel Miguel
Yolanda Lechuga
Mar Martínez
Jose R. Berrazueta
R&D Lines: Test methods of digital and mixed integrated circuits
Projects: Extensión de la actividad útil de los stent cardiovasculares inteligentes...
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Abstract:The aim of this work is to analyse the fault-injection problem of implantable capacitive micro-electro-mechanical pressure sensors intended to be used as a part of smart stents for in-stent restenosis monitoring. The development of accurate fault models is mandatory in order to create a Design-for-Test methodology compatible with MEMS-based sensors as well as with its related CMOS electronic circuitry. Rigorous behavioural descriptions of both circular and square-shaped fault-free pressure sensors can be obtained from analytical expressions and numerical approximations. However, the deflection vs. pressure response of faulty sensors, suffering from contamination-based defects growth during the fabrication process, require the use of finite-elements analysis to be modelled, allowing the fulfilment of a realistic fault model library.
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