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   PUBLICATIONS in which "Juan Castillo" participates ordered by research line
   Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems
International Conference J. Castillo, H. Posadas, E. Villar, M. Martínez (DS2)
"Fast Instruction Cache Modeling for Approximate Timed HW/SW Co-Simulation "
20th Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (GLSVLSI'10), Providence, USA. 2010-05
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Book chapter H. Posadas, J. Castillo, D. Quijano, V. Fernández, E. Villar, Marcos Martínez (DS2)
"SystemC Platform Modeling for Behavioral Simulation and Performance Estimation of Embedded Systems"
L. Gomes and J. M. Fernandes (Eds.): “Behavioral Modeling for Embedded Systems and Technologies: Applications for Design and Implementation”, IGI Global. 2009-07
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International Conference J. Castillo, H. Posadas, E. Villar, Marcos Martínez (DS2)
"Energy Consumption Estimation Technique in Embedded Processors with Stable Power Consumption based on Source-Code Operator Energy Figures"
XXII Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, DCIS'07 . 2007-11
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Report, Study or Opinion by order J. Castillo, H. Posadas, D. Quijano, P. Sánchez, E. Villar
"HdS modeling library"
DS2-T3.4-Q2/07 Deliverable of the Medea+ 2A708 LoMoSa+ Project. 2007-06
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