In order to make Multicube-SCoPE, you have to check out the following list of System Requirements, pointing out the tools you need to do the job:
Of course, you'll have also to get a working installation of the SCoPE system-level simulator and the SystemC 2.2 library which is used by SCoPE to specify the system to simulate. You can download the latest stable release of SystemC library from the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) website. The required SCoPE latest stable release, which is version 1.1.0 (February 2009), must be downloaded from SCoPE web page.
To get all the components working from scratch you must follow these steps:
  1. Build SystemC
  2. Build SCoPE
  3. Build M3P
  4. Build and run the adapted IMEC example
To do the first step you must read the SystemC documentation. Basically you must download and uncompress the package and then you mus execute the sequence of commands: configure, make and make install. For building SCoPE you must follow these instructions:
  1. Set the environment variables
    • export SYSTEMC=[systemc installation path]
    • export SCOPE_HOME=[scope installation path]
    • export SCOPE_XML_PLUGIN=[scope-xml-plugin installation path]
  2. Uncompress the package and enter the SCoPE directory
  3. Execute: make libraries
To build M3P you should use the Auto-installation script. provided in the source package. You have only to execute the script typing . (please, note the blank space between the point "." and the script name) You can also use the more cumbersome steps which follow:
  1. Uncompress the package and enter the plug-in directory
  2. Execute: make
  3. Compile the examples provided with the package by executing: make examples
  4. Execute the examples provided with the package by executing: make run