In order to demonstrate the use of M3-SCoPE in combination with M3Explorer for design space exploration, a MPEG4 example is provided. The example can be obtained in three different ways: a virtual machine image, executing an installation script or manually getting all the components. Please, follow the next links for downloading. Additionally you can take a look on the report generated by M3Explorer, analyzing the design space.
The MPEG4 binary files are provided by the Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum (IMEC) under the terms of the following lincense.
For easy checking how the exploration is performed, an image of a virtual machine ready to execute with VMWare is provided:
To install and execute the example in your own computer, the following script can be used.
For manual installation the following elements are required:
Once performed the exploration, a report analyzing the effects of the configurable parameters (i.e. number of CPUs and frequency) in the system performance (i.e. latency and power consumption) is obtained. To see how the report for this example looks like, press here.