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Título:Fault Evaluation of a Distributed Preamplifying Stage of a High-Speed Folded ADC
Tipo:Comunicaciones a congresos internacionales
Lugar:XXV Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, DCIS'10
Autores: Yolanda Lechuga
Román Mozuelos
Mar Martínez
Salvador Bracho
Líneas: Métodos de test de circuitos integrados digitales y mixtos
Proyectos: Métodos de Test Funcionales y Estructurales: Aplicacion al Autotest de Ci...
Resumen:This paper presents a fault evaluation of one of the
main building blocks of a high-speed folded and interpolated
ADC, the preamplifier that feeds the input of each sample and
hold module of a distributed S&H stage. First, the tolerance
ranges for the specifications of the preamplifier that ensure the
fulfillment of the overall ADC specifications have been obtained,
taking advantage of a high-level behavioral model, developed on
the MATLAB environment. Then, a catastrophic fault model has
been applied on a transistor level implementation of the ADC in
order to establish the values for the open, short and GOS
resistances of the model that actually degrade the ADC
performance. Finally, a structural Design-for-Test (DfT)
approach has been applied for the detection of these faults.
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