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Título:A MDD Methodology for the Specification and Performance Estimation of Embedded Systems
Tipo:Comunicaciones a congresos internacionales
Lugar:Tutorial B: Advanced Techniques for Power-Aware System-Level Prototyping, DATE'13
Autores: Fernando Herrera
Héctor Posadas
Pablo Peñil
Eugenio Villar
Pablo Pedro Sánchez
Pablo González
F. Ferrero (GMV)
R. Valencia (GMV)
Líneas: Diseño y verificación de sistemas embebidos HW/SW
Proyectos: FP7 IP 247999 COMPLEX
Resumen:In the design of embedded systems extra-functional properties like timing and power need to be considered during the entire design process. Often these properties can only be estimated after manually implementing a design for a certain target platform and using component-level timing and power analysis tools. At the same time, exploration, analysis, and optimization of embedded applications running on today’s platforms require fast and early virtual system models enabling the consideration of extra-functional properties under real-world application scenarios.

With a group of experts from industry and academia, the tutorial discussed the major challenges and presented novel and innovative research results including tool support to create timing and power-aware Virtual Platforms. In this presentation, the Model-driven design and automatic platform performance and power model synthesis, enabling early design space exploration was described.
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