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Título:Run-time Monitoring and Trace Analysis Methodology for Component-based Embedded Systems Design Flow
Tipo:Publicacion en Proceedings o Actas internacionales
Lugar:IEEE proc. of the 2020 Conference on Digital System Design, DSD 2020
Autores: V. Muttillo
G. Valente
L. Pomante
Héctor Posadas
Javier Merino
Eugenio Villar
Resumen:The purpose of this paper is to introduce run time monitoring infrastructures and to analyze trace data inside a well-established component-based methodology. The goal is to show the concept among different monitoring requirements by defining a general reference architecture that can be adapted to different scenarios. Starting from design artifacts, generated by a
system engineering modeling tool, and source code automatically
generated from UML models, a custom Hardware monitoring system infrastructure will be presented. This sub-system will be able to generate run-time artifacts for run-time verification.
We will show how the framework provides round-trip support in the development chain, injecting monitoring requirements from design models down to code and its execution on the platform and trace data back to the models, where the expected behavior will then compared with the actual behavior. This approach will be used towards optimizing design models for specific properties (e.g, for system performance), using a specific constraint approach compliant with UML standards. Industrial and custom use cases will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach in real scenarios.
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