Microelectronics Engineering Group

Microelectronics Engineering Group

Electronics Technology, Systems and Automation Engineering Department University of Cantabria
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   PROJECTS in which "Iñigo Ugarte" participates ordered by date of conclusion
Type Title Director Payer Dates
PublicESPRIT: EUROPRACTICES. BrachoThe Commis...1995-
PublicDREAMS: Dynamically Reconfigurable Embed...P. SánchezMinisterio...2011-2013
PublicPAVES. TEC2008-04107. ANALISIS DE PREST...P. SánchezMinisterio...2009-2011
PublicTecnologías de Verificación e Implementa...P. SánchezMCYT TIC-2...2005-2007
PublicOrganización de SAAEI 2005F. AzcondoMCyT. Prog...2005-2005
PublicMetodologías de especificación, análisis...P. SánchezCICYT2003-2005
PublicOrganización de DCIS 2002S. BrachoMCyT. Prog...2002-2002
PublicDCIS 2002 OrganizationS. BrachoUnion Euro...2002-2002
PublicDesarrollo de metodologías industriales ...E. VillarFEDER 1999-2001
PublicESPRIT 26971 CoMESE. VillarESPRIT1998-1999
PublicESPRIT 8370 ESIPE. VillarESPRIT1996-1998

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