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Título:Analysis, Design and Experimental Results of a High Frequency Power Supply for Spark Erosion
Tipo:Articulo en revista internacional
Lugar:IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Autores: Rosario Casanueva
Francisco J. Azcondo
Christian Brañas
Salvador Bracho
Líneas: Diseño de circuitos electrónicos de aplicación industrial
Proyectos: Sistemas de alimentación para lámparas de descarga y equipos de electroer...
ISBN:ISSN 0885-8993
Resumen:The LCsCp resonant converter finds a new application in an Electrical Discharge Machining power supply, which is designed for the purpose of developing small size EDM systems. The switching frequency is tuned to the natural resonant frequency where the converter tends to act as a current source. In this way, three effects are achieved: 1) the necessary over-voltage is generated, first to ionize the dielectric and then to establish the electric discharge, 2) a constant current is supplied during the machining of the workpiece, providing the circuit with inherent protection under short circuit conditions, and 3) overall stability is guaranteed despite the equivalent negative resistance of the dielectric breakdown. The proposed control achieves an optimum and stable operation using tap water as dielectric fluid preventing the generation of undesired impulses and keeping the distance between the electrode and the workpiece within the optimum stable range. The EDM power supply has been validated to perform operations in a nuclear power plant application.
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