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What is AADS-T?

AADS-T is a tool for simulating an AADL model using the tool SCoPE, Ravenscar Computational Model compliant.

If you want to read something more about AADS-T just click here.

Available version

This version of AADS-T supports XML and C/C++ language as input and produces files in POSIX / C++, XML and text.

AADS-T is available for Linux platforms with OSATE.

Documents related

You can have a look to the documents about AADS-T
[MANUAL], [ICECCS09], [DATE09], [ICECCS10], [ISSE11].

And you can read about our research activities: Design and verification of HW/SW embedded systems.

If you want more information ...

About future updates or you are interested in the Tool, you can write an e-mail.

This work has been developed by the UC and has been partially supported by the Spanish MICyT through the ITEA 05015 SPICES project and the TEC2008-04107 project,

and the ESTEC 22810/09/NL/JK HW-SW CODESIGN project contracted to GMV Aerospace and Defense S.A.U.

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