ISLiST 2019 Student Grants  - The deadline for block A grants (Spanish students) is May, 27

Bachelor, Master and PhD Students can apply for an international student grant. It covers course registration, accommodation and living expenses.


Two blocks of ISLiST Student Grants have been defined:

  1. Block A: For Spanish Students or Students of any nationality but working/studying in Spanish institutions. The application should be performed via the official UIMP web site. The web page for registration at the course is not yet available. The grant should be requested during the course registration process, accessing the option "Solicitud On Line" at the upper-right corner of the page.  It is expected that a minimum of 15 grants will be assigned. The call for these grants is open from May, 6 to MAy, 27 2019 at the official UIMP web site. Grant applications are part of the registration process for the course:
  2. Block B: International Student Grants (for any other students). To allow students from foreign institutions an appropriate organization of their trips, etc., the application should be carried out by contacting the ISLIST Secretary (contact info below). The period for applications is open. The grants has been already assigned. Students  (block B) should provide the following information:
  • CV/Resume
  • Academic Certification/s (indicating your average mark/s on 10 point scale). If you have received an honors degree, please attach the corresponding certificate. A document certifying your current condition as student should also be included.
  • Short Personal Statement (one page maximum): we would like to hear your comments regarding your motivation to participate in the ISLIST Summer School, as well as you main research interests.
  • Student Advisor’s Recommendation Letter: we will also take into account a letter from your advisor supporting your application to participate in the ISLIST Summer School.

All the above required documents (block B applicants) must be submitted to:

ISLiST Secretary: Adolfo Cobo ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Application Review Process and assignment notifications (block B):
Students will be notified of acceptance in the ISLIST website and via e-mail late March, 2019. The selection process will be performed by an external committee, that will consider: The average mark of the academic certification, the overall  number of nationalities attending the course, the level of the academic degree (PhD, Master, Bachelor), and all the additional required information. In order to increase the number of nationalities attending the course, one student of each nationality with the highest mark will be prioritize in the first place. Please note that PhD, Master and Bachelor student applications will be also prioritized in that order.

Important note: The grant covers course registration fees, meals and accomodation at the UIMP facilities, for six days, from sunday 16th to friday 21th of June (both included). If required due to travel dates restrictions, any extra night of accomodation before 16th of june or after 21th of june can be purchased at a reduced rate of about 35€/night. In the same way, extra meals can be purchased at 8€/meal. If required, it should be notified upon grant acceptance once the travel details have been arranged by the student, and should be paid in person at UIMP facilities before leaving the UIMP after the course. At the time of writing, the extra accomodation nights cannot be paid in cash, only credit card.   

José Miguel López Higuera
Professor in Electronics and Photonics
Head of the Photonic Engineering Group
University of Cantabria
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.